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Political Aspirations:  City Council run...dismal failure...lost in the primary.  Looking for a way to the Big Chair...Mayoral Race 2009.  Actually, I'll make another run at City Council.

Garage Door Scoreboard:  A huge success!  All set with the scoreboard...updated every Tuesday morning.  Need to make bigger water proof magnets.

Vineyard:  Chose a knob just behind my long back wall.  Cleared it of Teri's B-day weekend.  Cut the bigger trees then rented a brush mower...what a friggen' machine.  Then rented a huge (6" capacity, tow behind) chipper from Home Depot, chipped all the cut trees plus three bundles from the road clearing.  Bought 20 9' RR ties for the vineyard walls.  Started laying out ties...finish during the week.  Weed barrier lined.  Fence for deer and Maya is going up (gate set for hill access).

The vineyard is now complete!  Twenty vines (10 Frontenac & 10 LaCrosse).  Each vine is fitted with a drip of 1 gal per hour.  The entire vineyard is covered with 3 inches mulch.  The trellis system is very sturdy and looks like it will hold for a few years.  See the pics.

Painting:  All painting is complete, for the time being.  Next will be the big room...ugh!  May do another coat in the master bath

Finishing Basement:  Always a work in progress...need to finish framing then call Sergio for sheetrock. 

Toy Road and Parking:  Need to get the concrete poured...maybe in the Spring 2008.  Not sure on this...Ralph Marchant is another option...says he can get it done by hand laying etc.

Waterfall:  Gathering rocks to build it, right in front of office window.

Looking down the pipeline and into Hobbs Creek Canyon

Nice big machine from Home Depot (Vermeer BC600XL)

That's the business end of this chipper

The big snow blower works well...Ariens 1332

Looking at the access gate and fence...ties into Steve's field fence

That's the spot for the vineyard

Rented the mini excavator a number of times...pretty fun machine

Vineyard Trail is the road leading through property to walking trail

I'm having this removed from Mt Sorak Park and installed in my basement

Beginning with the weed barrier

A fox visits, while Matt and Todd move all 20 RR ties for me

The boy are saving my back

After carrying them over, the boys stacked all the ties

The Vineyard frame is built and with the help of Steve, we started filling with Marchant supplied topsoil

That's what is left to use for wall filling, froma ten wheeler load of Marchant topsoil

Spreading the topsoil

Maya and Tim, taking a break

That's our kitty coming home

After the strong planting effort with jeremy...he gets option on six bottles from the first batch of BigO Canyon Vintage

Covered with mulch...2.5 yards from the dump...$7.50

Garden view from the east

Dripper on a Frontenac vine



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