Some places we've been

First Attack after pinning on Major...March 1st 2005 Balad Air Base, Iraq

Amethyst Lake, Wasatch National Forest

Golfers in Balad

I should have escaped to the north...Kim Jong Il would have welcomed me with open arms

Donny Gaquin and his daughter

Juvenile griz crossing road behind us...June 2002

Unit picture Balad, Iraq

MSC going into the North Korean Tunnels

Bocce in Lake Alminor

My crew in Systems at Osan

Deployed crew and friends pinning me...1 March 2005 Balad, Iraq

Shoeing up the wasatch on a Friday evening

Sandy Neck Trail

Jay and Tim with trip mates to Yellowstone

Tim, Frank, and Bull 300 feet above lake solitude in the Wind Rivers, Wyoming

Coming down from the Wasatch cinco d' Mayo 2007

Lower Calf Falls, Central Utah

Maya and Tim on Lake Alminor June 2007

Me and Matt in Poison Springs Wash area March 2006

A look at our area from up the Wasatch Front a ways